Welcome to Champion Honda

The only EXCLUSIVE Honda Dealer in the Long Island and NYC VICINITY!

Do you want to ride? Of course, you do! Do you want a new Honda? Another yes! Then you want to come to Champion Honda! The only exclusive Honda facility for the American Honda Motor Company in the Long Island/New York City vicinity. We have more Hondas on display than any dealer in the vicinity. There is plenty of free parking and we are easy to get to from any direction. You will have the most options at your disposal here. Use our $99 cash down finance program. Never had credit before? We have first-time buyers programs too! Already have a machine? That is good news for you; We take all makes and models on trade. When you buy your machine from us, tell your rep that you want our famous "Helmet, Gloves and Jacket" package deal. And after, tell your rep, "I want to ride!" He will sign you up with our chapter of the Honda Riders Club. IT'S GO TIME! Champion Honda, celebrating 20 great years in New York!

10 More Reasons to Visit Champion Honda

  1. It's easy to get here and parking is free! We are right off of the Wantagh Parkway.
  2. We NEVER lose a sale over price!
  3. We are open until 8 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays ALL YEAR LONG.
  4. "Vintage Honda Specialists" - We service all YEARS and MODELS!
  5. We are the ONLY EXCLUSIVE HONDA FACILITY in the New York and Long Island area.
  6. We buy (and sell) used bikes!
  7. We have in-house financing.
  8. Our exclusive Helmet, Jacket and Gloves Package.
  9. We have more HONDAs on display than ANY OTHER FACILITY in the New York and Long Island area.
  10. Free Sunday group rides for our customers! Ride with our staff and enjoy your new bike!

Its Go Time With Champion Honda!